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"The vocal healing Denise performs is wonderful. The sounds are kind of strange, but the outcome is amazing. During our session, I felt how the sound “touched” my spine, felt how the spine got more relaxed and straightened. That evening I felt pain in my spine as I went to bed. The pain continued for about 20 minutes and was very intense. I then moved and heard a crack in my spine and felt how the vertebras adjusted themselves. The pain was gone, and I felt how the spine aligned. I have had scoliosis (the spine curved sideways) since I were around 10 years old. The next few days I felt muscle aces in my back confirming the adjustment of the spine. A few days later I met an acupuncturist and she asked me about my spine, since she saw that it looked more in alignment than she had noticed before. I now experience my spine being more movable and resilient."


- Sweden

"I would like to take a moment to share my incredible experience that I had with Denise. WOW. This lady is a powerful healer. She is so much more than a healer actually. She accesses frequencies and portals I rarely see. Her work is stunning. A session with Denise is actually an honor. I'm a Hindu priestess and I don't let many people into my field and the experience I had with Denise rippled through for weeks. Upgrades and expansion. Her work is literally out of this world, if you get the opportunity you are indeed one fortunate being. Deep bow lovely lady."

Durgaji Nicole Starr

- Ubud, Bali

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