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Client Stories

Gina (Code)

- New Zealand

Denise has been regularly performing multidimensional healings via distance for my 2 year old son Code.  Code was assessed as having severe Autism in December 2014, and as a mother I cannot articulate well enough how incredibly difficult it had been raising him during his first two years of life, it was immensely exhausting and isolating.


I noticed a change in Code after each and every healing session channeled via Denise.  Improvements started with his eye to eye contact, he became more earthly and grounded (he used to live completely in his own world), some extremely overdue front teeth cut through, his digestion improved, language started to take shape, and his academic ability showed itself for the first time. His Neurodevelopmental Therapist now says he is likely to be re-assessed soon as mildly Autistic.  I can now say he ‘enjoys’ being present here on Earth, where as he used to look in pain and irritable.

Denise is very intuitive, and focused her healings on just the right place when it was needed, such as ‘digestion’, ‘communication’, or a physical body part.  Denise always followed each healing session with feedback.  When the time was right, I received by email an audio recording of channeled activation and grounding for Code and its programmed for continued upgrades each time it's played. This is amazing. Many studies have confirmed that healing via distance is just as effective as healings performed in person, and my son is living proof of this. I feel it is important to acknowledge that healing one person isn’t just that – the ripple effects are infinite, myself and my daughter have also benefited from Code’s rapid development and progress during this time.

From Dec 2014 to March 2016 Denise worked mostly via distance with Code, each and every time delivering noticeable results. The last session I requested was to focus on his ‘empathy cry’. At the slightest wince, cry, anger, aggressiveness, emotional upset or physical hurt that anyone around him felt he would explode into an empathy cry, so intense it would scare other children in turn making them cry, and convincing other unknowing adults that he in fact was the one who was hurt. His whole body felt it. It would take him quite a while to recover. And other carers or parents would try and help, by unknowingly doing the worst thing they could – touching/hugging him in an effort to comfort him. This makes it impossible for him to integrate into social or childcare environments where there are other children. And has a huge impact on his sister, who in time of genuine hurt needs a cuddle from her mum, but I would always have to calm Code down first, meaning her emotional needs came second. 

Denise did an amazing session in person in March 2016 and instantly his empathy cry subdued. Two days after the session Code attended his usual in home care place for the morning, where another little girl had a major upset. This would normally result in me getting a phone call to come and collect him, as he usually would be expressing an intensely loud and disturbing empathy cry in this situation. However, to everyone’s surprise he didn’t. He looked up briefly, then carried on playing. Three months on, and he is still in control of his emotions (as much as any other 3 old is), and this has changed our whole family. His sister gets the TLC she needs, we can confidently attend places with other children, and he has had a few intro mornings at our local Kindergarten, something I could never have imagined him coping with a year ago.  And my ears aren’t ringing at the end of each day!


I highly recommend Denise’s work. It’s essential that people with Autism are energetically grounded and balanced, ready to be here and participate in the life they have been born into. This is what Denise facilitates. In my opinion it’s only once they are reconnected and fully present in our daily world that all the other modalities and therapies available can be of any use. 

Yukia Azorah Sandara , Guardian, Gridkeeper, Voice Alchemist, Inter Galactic Empowerment Mentor

- Lisbon, Portugal

When one connects with Denise Prendergast as a Light code Healer, An Harmonic Voice alchemist, catalyst and accelerator of Soul Remembrance, you connect with the sacred container of Light embodied Coded frequency/vibrations from a variety of Realms of the Multiverse and the Earth Plane. She holds a wide expanded and amplified Starlight harmonic coherent field centered in the Inner space of the neutrality of her humble and loving Heart. Her coding, sonic frequency sounds and Light language transmissions permeate the DNA /RNA structure and has the potency to collapse, erase and uncreate, repair, transmute all aspects in timelines past, present and newly created future one’s, not serving the highest version of the Soul essence of that Soul Being participating.

Denise is equally able to align, harmonize, balance, restructure, reshape, reformat, rewire and work on a current recalibration process on course ensuring it's full integration. She works then with the new restored or activated dormant DNA within the physical body and takes it into its own flow for ultimate subsequent embodiment over time. The latter was my personal request for assistance and my experience with her activation in one of my latest recalibration, rewiring and realignment of my eyesight adjustment to match my Fourth eye installed frequency in January 2020. The Fourth Eye grounding experience carried very  high frequency Solar Universal codes which were anchored from a rebirthing Soul experience  in Lake Titicaca, Peru, when as a Gridkeeper, I was honoured to facilitate with a Soul group, the unification of the umbilical cord with Uluru, Australia collective Gridwork. I had almost lost my eyesight and was for 3 weeks unable to see anything except for silhouettes and had  pain behind my eyes.

I have worked with Denise on a variety of Guardian, Gridwork and Gatekeeping projects over a period of 5 years and I did not hesitate who to turn to for assistance with this complex  Adjustment and Alignment work for one minute. It took one month to integrate and return to normal but yes it was Done and a Success! Amazing Light worker, Collective Gatekeeper and a Golden open Heart you are Soul sister.
I highly recommend experiencing her brilliant Healing Light and Coded sonic frequencies.

Petra - Brisbane, Australia


Denise’s work is very powerful indeed. I’ve done a fair bit of therapy and releasing work but I’ve never encountered this type of work before - it is unusual and yet so powerful. 

I knew the energy I was wanting to clear & came to the session ripe for release. The process was sometimes confronting because the stuck energy inside was so strong - Denise's guidance helped me feel safe and protected. Because of this I was able to drop into full trust, which opened up the space for me to really let go. The insights Denise was receiving about this stuck energy were - incredible, so spot on. She has the unique ability to tune into the deeper layers, bring to light what needs to GO, and help release it. Amazing.


Denise holds a space that is compassionate and yet fierce with the dedication to clear. She is soft, yet strong - the perfect blend of a practitioner. I came out of the session feeling so light - so clean. And since then a deeper feeling of alignment has occurred in my being that I feel great gratitude for. 

I absolutely recommend this work, and Denise herself, to anyone who is wanting to let go of that which no longer serves."

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