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Covid Vaccine Energy Clearing Protocol

1hr $88



As part of a global network of Healers and students who are trained in Remote Healing and energy medicine techniques with the Neo-Shamanic Society based in NZ,  there has been overwhelming feedback of the physical and energetic symptoms  coming through due to having the vaccination or from vaccine shedding. What appears to be happening is that the auric field and chakra system go through a major shift in frequency once the vaccine has been applied.  As well, it seems that people coming into contact with those who are newly vaccinated, that is within 2-3 weeks of vaccination,  are also experiencing vaccine shedding symptoms.

Vaccine Energetic shedding occurs when the vaccine has been taken and the persons auric field begins to shed remnants of the energy field of the vaccine.  When a person comes into contact with the individual that has been vaccinated, the energy field picks up the energetic shedding.  This can cause problems for people's health and vitality, with a range of symptoms including headaches, brain fog, menstrual cycle irregularities, spotting and pain.

Both the vaccine and shedding are problematic for both the auric field and the physical body.  Anything that is held in the energy field feeds down to the physical body and everything held in the physical feeds up to the energy field.  The corresponding physical symptoms of the vaccination and shedding can include:


  • Pain or swelling at the injection site

  • Feeling tired or fatigued

  • Menstrual cycle irregularity

  • Headache

  • Muscle aches

  • Chills

  • Joint pain

  • Fever 

  • Nausea

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Myocarditis


  • Chakras filled with mucus and miasma

  • Chakras 1,2,3,4,6,7 are still or have very limited movement

  • Chakra 5 spins anti-clockwise

  • Loss of intuition

  • The soul detaches from the body

  • Miasma and mucus in the brain

The spirit dimension, with a collective consciousness field communicating directly with the Neo-Shamanic Society, has given us a protocol that clears both the energetic and physical responses to the vaccination.

This will:

  • Clear mucus and miasma from the field and your chakras

  • Clear, open and restructure all personal chakras

  • Cleanse and seal all personal chakras

  • Clear the stress response from your body

  • Remove the effects of the vaccine from your bio-energy field

  • Clean your DNA and any mRNA distortions

  • Seal and protect your chakras and auric field from vaccine intrusion

The protocol works with the beautiful energy of the Golden Phoenix, which signifies new beginnings and re-birth, as well as white plasma light, rose-gold light and gold light and those who have received the protocol, feel an immediate improvement in their condition. 

I would be honoured to facilitate this clearing for you, either in person or online.  I know that these are challenging times for many, and am committed to bringing the Golden Phoenix protocol to all.  Please reach out to me if your personal circumstances means payment is beyond your reach.  

"I feel energised and calm

What I feel is that it started a clearing out on an emotional level. I have healed very deep layers of traumatic events these last 10 days. And a lot of 3D patterns and thougts coming up, to be replaced with expansive and suportive ones. I feel it has settled a bit now. Sleeping alot - long nights 10-11 hours. Feel it is a detox symtom. The body is detoxing. In Hans I notice a new lightness. Things that he has not "understood" before, is now natural for him. He does not notice it, becuase it is so integrated in him. I feel more comfortable thinking of being around people that has been injected. I feel I notice those that are feeling very well and are thriving.


And it acutally continued today with clearing: old trauma from my childhood. Trauma that were on the collective level, as in the starving childeren in Africa when I was 6-7 years old. Seeing their faces and swollen stomach. Then when I was around 9 or 10 years there were the energy crises. Facing the ending of oil, and by that also electricity. It was very terrifying. So today I have released so much horror on the nervous system level. It is really deep healing "

Marija, Sweden


"My session with Denise was, as always, powerful and transforming. I had been sick with various ailments for 2 weeks since doing a spit covid test and also hanging out with my sister who is vaxed. Flue like feeling and then a bladder infection and then congestion. Denise found all my chakras closed and without my having told her my symptoms, named them throughout the healing including a very stiff neck at the base of my skull. She opened and cleared each chakra and as she did I could feel and see the light pouring in to my energy bodies and chakras. I felt a powerful vortex of energy spinning around me clearing and pouring in light. When she did the protocol for vax issues, I felt as if energy was so nurturing and fortifying and again experienced the light energy entering me and filling my energy bodies. After the session I felt open, clear, and fortified by light. I was in an altered state and I slept soundly. I felt the openness and fortification the next days and called in the golden light energy on several occasions to just reconnect and feel that light support. Denise is a gifted healer who offers her sessions with compassion, acceptance and love. This protocol is a gift for all of us!"

Hamsa, Los Angeles


"Hi Denise, I wanted to thank you so much for the energy healing. I feel totally rejuvenated and refreshed and it’s getting better every day. I feel like I’m in a protective, Golden Rainbow and negative energy just drops off of me. I’m so grateful that our dear friend connected me to you and I hope to reach out to you in the future."

Carmen, Los Angeles

"I recently had a Golden Phoenix healing and activation from Denise as I had  unknowingly been affected by the shedding that can occur when people get vaccinated. My chakras had completely shut down. Some people are sensitive enough to realise the effect, but in this case I just put it down to the varying energies we have been having.

The actual healing was done by zoom and immediately my body felt I was being nurtured when Denise commenced. As she worked through my chakras I experienced waves of coldness, that for me is the intensity of the work being undertaken.

The Golden Seal completed and it was as if I had been given a new beginning. Very light, open and golden pathway ahead.

The rest of the day I cried off and on, exhausting, but realized I was releasing what was required. This felt generational.

For me personally, I was back on track after 3 days and feel strong, aligned and positive,ready to step forward into the future 

I would absolutely recommend this beautiful Activation and Healing especially in these times. Thank you Denise for your love, care, wisdom and knowledge."

Jennifer Belworthy, New Zealand

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