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Light Code Healing 

60 minutes - $130

Are you feeling blocked?  Are you feeling dis-satisfied with your life right now?  Have you done a lot of light work and worked light paths and been unable to shift?

As Love incarnate, your Divine Gifts are within you and a little help with unlocking them, can bring much joy as you expand into the full potential of You. The sound frequencies I transmit,  facilitate the stripping away of illusion to reveal your unique Be-Ingness.

As I transmit these frequencies they are not meant to be translated into English but to -

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  • Activate your DNA and bring you into a higher vibrational frequency.

  • Catalyze healing and accelerate Soul rememberance.  

  • Bring you into a more open and receptive state.

  • Reclaim aspects of Self and reawaken your Soul Gifts.


Activations are shifting what is happening at the DNA level. We work with sequences of numbers.  Geometrical shapes, colour and sound together make a code. These channelled transmissions simultaneously release limiting thoughts and thinking, limiting blocked energies within your body, unhooking attachments and deprogramming, while re-coding and re-calibrating the DNA and Morphic field.

Working on multiple levels and dimensions, they are accessing and activating the deeper memory of who you are while at the same time pulling in and summoning your Gifts from all lifetimes.


The frequencies transmit healing to the physical and Light bodies as quantum information specific to the person or group receiving it, without any interference from the mind.

That Being's Higher Self immediately receives and instructs,  initiating clearing, unlocking key coding, balancing and re-energising all chakras, activating and  aligning with a new vibration of Harmony and Well-being.

Typically a session will take 60 - 90 minutes, as I and my Guides work in co-creation with your Higher Self and team in Spirit, so that healing takes place for your Highest Good and Awakening at this time.

Artwork by Grethel C. Borrego

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