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Hello I'm Denise

The languages I speak, sing and tone are channeled light codes and activations from Source. 

They are divinely designed to help you release old patterns and energies and vibrationally align you with your soul's path, while realigning the chakras and energy circuitry of the physical body.

 Harmonic Voice Alchemy is a safe and sacred space for healing and transformation.  

Denise is a master key coder and key maker - a catalyst and accelerator of Soul re-memberance, transmitting channeled Creation Codes as DNA activations direct from Source, 

With a deep commitment to the highest vibration of love, Denise uses her unique gifts to help her clients access their soul’s purpose and discover their inner power.

Through her sessions and workshops,  she offers powerful, compassionate and soulful energy and harmonic voice and sound healing, to empower people to access deeper levels of inner peace, wellness, divinity and joy.

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I was always a seeker. In childhood I would be out in our garden searching for the fairy folk, and running to find the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. I remember feeling a deep knowing that there was so much more 'out there' and yearned for a spiritual connection that extended far beyond the rigid beliefs and teachings of Catholicism. However it wasn't to be until 2013 that I first experienced energy flowing through my body, as I was deep in a shamanic breathwork journey while living for a few months in Bali, Indonesia. This was to be the catalyst for my spiritual awakening, and activation of the languages of the Light. Mine was a spontaneous activation, as I saw with my inner sight, flashes of brilliant sky blue light activating DNA codes, and then with no thought, I began to speak these strange sounds and words. I felt vibrational shifts in my energy field and also that I was in a process of embodying my Higher Self.  Over the following days my body was flowing and moving so mindfully and gracefully, as I integrated and balanced both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. I had never heard of light language, and even though what I was experiencing was confusing and even overwhelming at times, I was able to completely surrender and trust in the mystery of what was unfolding, as I felt a deep recognition that I was re-connecting to 'Home' again.

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