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About Denise

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Denise was born and raised in rural Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. She has been a farmer, owned and managed a busy retail store, is a certified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist and Facilitator for The Energy Codes, a 7-step energy program created by Dr Sue Morter. 

In  2013 Denise heeded her soul's call to begin a new adventure in the Indonesian island of Bali where she experienced her Awakening with the embodiment of her Higher Self and spontaneous activation of  the Language of  Light, or Language of the Heart.


This was a huge test of her faith and courage as she had no idea what was happening at the time, but her Innate Knowing was that this was all for her Highest Good.

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As she surrendered and trusted her Soul's Guidance, she began meeting others who spoke the Languages of Light and the Teachers' who shared their wisdom and knowledge to assist in understanding what was unfolding. She was then Guided to travel to many countries and sacred sites, transmitting these Cosmic and  Ancient Earth Codes of Source Light to Gaia, doing Planetary Grid work and opening Portals while doing much inner work and healing many lifetimes and incarnations as they arose.

After living as a global gypsy for seven years,  she was called to finally settle and anchor in her home town of Napier in NZ, taking Guardianship of a beautiful 115 year old villa,  knowing that Now is the time for the Star Seeds to fully step into Mastery, sharing their Unique Gifts as they walk each other Home.



Important Experiences 

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Since 2014 Denise has journeyed to Australia, Bali, India and Ladakh in the Kashmir area of Northern India, Peru, Argentina, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Egypt twice, Hawaii, Sedona and Mt Shasta in the USA, Cuba and Mexico, and her ancestral home of Ireland. 



She has participated in Ceremonial Rituals and meditations with High Priestesses and Energy Masters, Kahunas and Q'ero Inca Shamans - on Sacred beaches, in Ancient Ceremonial Caves, Ancient Ruins, forests, crop circles  and various other Sacred Sites, deep within and on top of Sacred Mountains and Volcanoes, in the  Sacred Chambers within Ancient Pyramids and Temples, had the Joy of swimming with dolphins and whales in Hawaii and Noumea and travelled  high mountain passes to Ancient Monasteries and Sacred Lakes, having many magickal experiences along the way.

However it is the magical and sacred land of Aoteoroa NZ - the forests, lakes and mountains of ancient Lemuria, that truly holds her heart.

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